Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lucky to Get to Know Each Other

Hello kindergarten families!

How are you?  I feel so lucky to have you all with me this year.  This week I have gotten home to a couple of packages from Amazon- supplies off our wish list.  Thank you so much to the generous families who sent these to us.  I appreciate all the supplies that you have all sent in.  This helps keep the room running all year.

I know a few of you asked if there was anything that we still need.  We could use lots of sheet protectors,  a weaving loom and more Kleenex.  I have tons of fun stuff on our amazon wish list because I love to dream big for the kids and I also know that sometimes grandparents like to be able to get something for their grandchild's room.  Thank you for all your contributions!  Also thank you for signing up for our class jobs, already!

I wanted to also thank you for making the time to come into our class each week.  It is always beautiful to watch children share their work and show you who they were working or playing in the yard with.  These connections are growing each day.  I try to be available for this before and after school for at least 15 minutes on each end.  I may be rushing a bit more on Fridays because our staff meeting takes place at 12:30 and I need to have a bite of lunch.  If the room is unlocked, and you are with your child to make sure they are taking care of the environment and all the work in progress, please feel free to spend time in our class listening to all our theories!

I hope each of you have been getting the weekly emails, including the reflection pages I have been sending.  If you haven't it is because I have your email wrong.  Some have been bouncing back to me and I am in progress of catching you in person to help me fix this. If you or your spouse is not getting the emails, check with me.

So much has happened in the first two weeks.  I will include some images to showcase a few of the things we are investigating.  First, our color exploration continues.  This week we found so many colors using red, blue, white and black.  When I asked, the children decided that Monday we will begin to check out what we can make with blue and yellow.  The children are beginning to see patterns in color mixing as well as the types of ratios that make a certain color palate.

The students are getting used to the different types of activities we do together.  Many of these support the students to gain academic skills, while helping us to become a connected community of learners.  Often another skill the students are sharpening involves getting in front of a group to present, speaking your ideas and sharing the talking space in a respectful way so that more than your own ideas are heard.  Please ask your child to explain what is happening in each photo!  (If you click on any photo, that will change your view as a slide show)


Sharing work and receiving feedback and ideas, and brainstorming in Revisiting Meeting

Personal Interview

 The name puzzle

Journaling about ourselves

Acting out the book Swimmy by Leo Lionni

Thank you for sharing your inquisitive and creative children with me!
Enjoy your week!  Love, Jennifer

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