Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Can you help us investigate?

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Tonight I have a little post for you, to share some things the students wanted you to help them with and know about.  Our exploration about color has lead us to know many shades and variations of a color.  We found so many blues, reds, pinks and purples last week and this week we are looking into what comes from yellow, blue, black and white.  How do we explain where one color leaves off and the next begins? For instance when does blue become grey?  We noticed each person who was wearing jeans today had on different shades of blue...

The class began trying to name some of the colors which made us think about this question: What things do you think about when coming up with a name?  Today the students mentioned one answer: things in our life that are similar to that color.  As we discussed, two things came up that we need to think on further.  One, was that there was a debate as to whether strawberries are red or pink.  The kids also mentioned that strawberries are different colors on the inside than the outside.  They want to check at home so that we can make decisions about which colors would be truly similar to these fruit. (Today, a friend realized she had strawberries for lunch, but more friends would like to see it for themselves!)

A second question came when a friend suggested that one of the colors be called "water blue". We soon began to realize that water can be so many colors and this may not be specific enough.  One friend remember a Coronado trip where the water, at sunset, was almost a gold color.  But none of the colors we were looking at were at all like gold.  The group wanted to research more to have more ideas on what kinds of colors could be considered "water blue" and how we could add more adjectives to make this clear.  (Or not clear, blue, green, grey, gold...)  Here's a recent beach photo I took, what colors do you notice?  What names come to mind?

And finally, today we looked at a few short slow-motion video clips of butterflies flying.  We were investigating how butterflies' wings fly.  The students noticed a few interesting elements that they may want to share with you.  They journaled about this afterwards, so come on in to check out their work anytime!

This video is embedded in this page, click here to find it...

Thank you for reading this with your child and for helping us do our research!  Please email me if you have any home discussions that go with these topics!  Have a beautiful night!  Love, Jennifer

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  1. What a lovely video! I have never seen the wings of a butterfly flap in slow motion. So graceful.